Youth and Nature – Kushal Dev Rathi


Our earth is our habitat, the land that nourishes us; but, are we dwelling in tune with nature? It appears that we humans have chosen a road of self-destruction, undermining the same shelter that protects us. Human impacts are hurting our ecosystems and natural uniqueness, ranging from growing carbon emissions to land degradation and deforestation. The unfavourable trends in biodiversity and environmental protection signal that we must take further action.

As teens, we might feel hopeless and weak at times, unable to intervene or accomplish things that matter to us since authorities and major organizations make important decisions. While substantial improvements are only achievable if governments and companies change their processes and regulations, we as individuals can also create a change, whether via little gestures or larger projects. Let us not overlook that consumers control markets, and they may have a big effect on how things are generated and exchanged if they modify their spending patterns.

Here are some ideas you may take charge of your destiny while also protecting our ecosystem and biosphere:

Minimize and Recycle Paper

What do you do with your out-of-date manuals and books? Why not give them to students or children in your community, or send them to regions where children have limited or no access to educational resources? While books on a rack aren’t doing any damage, why not preserve resources by reusing them?


Conserve Resources

Did you realize that just 0.03% of the 70% of water accessible to humans is freshwater? That is why water conservation is critical for freshwater environments. You may save lots of water by choosing shorter showers, skipping little laundry washes, and shutting off the faucet when brushing your teeth. Likewise, it is critical to be careful of your power use and make changes to lower the need for producing energy and therefore protect fossil fuel supplies.

Purchase only What You Require

Finally, consider your shopping patterns. Do you overspend on products? Can you live without some of the items you frequently purchase? Are you a conscientious shopper? Simply purchasing more because of attractive offers or promotions would end up costing ourselves and the environment more. Whether it’s food, clothes, cosmetics, or household supplies, purchasing exactly what you need reduces waste and consequently pollution. Because natural resources are limited, utilisation can be detrimental to our planet’s species.

Young people are the world’s hope.”- Kushal Dev Rathi KDR


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