You must-watch 5 Hollywood movies will inspire you


Hollywood movies can be inspiring and motivational. Read this article for more insights into these films. Some of the people who inspire Hollywood movies are Alice Walker, Steve Jobs, and Rocky Balboa. What are their stories? How did they become successful? And why do these people inspire Hollywood movies? Find out in this article! Hopefully, this article will inspire you to become more productive and to live your life to its fullest potential.

Rocky Balboa

Sylvester Stallone’s movie Rocky Balboa inspired countless Hollywood movies. At the time, Stallone was a relatively unknown actor. Other Hollywood types like Burt Reynolds or Ryan O’Neil would have been safer choices. But Stallone was able to secure the role of Rocky because he was determined to make it a success. The first draft of the script was completed in just three days. Despite the lack of budget, Stallone made sure to film in one take, a feat that would have taken a few more retakes. Rocky was a hit, earning nearly $200 million worldwide.

Alice Walker

The Color Purple is a novel by American author Alice Walker. Set during the era of slavery, it explores the subordination and sexism experienced by African Americans in the early 1900s. The novel was adapted into a critically acclaimed film directed by Steven Spielberg in 1985, starring Oprah Winfrey. The movie was also adapted into a Broadway musical. Aside from inspiring Hollywood, The Colour Purple has a strong social message, and it’s still a classic.

Steve Jobs

Apple Inc. was started by Steve Jobs in his garage, and the movie is based around three major media launches that occurred before the year 2000. These were the Macintosh Computer launch in 1984, the NeXT computer launch after Jobs was fired from Apple, and the iMac launch in 1998, which catapulted Apple into the financial stratosphere. The film opens with images of Einstein and Arthur C. Clarke, who predicted personal computers would soon be found in every home.

Howard Hughes

The life of Howard Hughes inspired countless movies and biography. He was a reclusive genius and entrepreneur who dominated Hollywood during the first half of the twentieth century. After losing both of his parents at a young age, Hughes inherited a drill bit manufacturing company and forced his relatives out. Later, he married a Houston heiress and moved to Hollywood, becoming a producer and director. Despite this early failure, Hughes’ career remained largely unblemished and inspired an entire cottage industry.

Video games

In an age of mass media convergence, the relationship between video games and Hollywood is growing stronger than ever. The video game industry has long partnered with Hollywood, and several times, the two industries have collaborated to create film adaptations of popular video games. This trend is set to continue and expand into the future. Video games are a rich source of inspiration for Hollywood movies, and the industry benefits from the broader interest in the medium.

Anime director Satoshi Kon

Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster Inception shows some similarities with Paprika, a 1997 anime film directed by Satoshi Kon. Not only do the two movies share similar surrealist imagery, but both also feature a few scenes from the anime. Film School Rejects has even pointed out the similarities between the two films. Here are some examples. If you are not familiar with the anime genre, you might want to start with Paprika.

Smurfs inspired cartoons

The Smurfs are not the only kids who love this animated TV series. They have also inspired films, video games, and theme parks. Their popularity began with an American television series that aired from 1981 to 1989. In 1985, China introduced a dubbed version of the TV series. The film’s music is in Mandarin, with the opening line “Beyond the mountains and rivers.” It is now a part of the school music curriculum.


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