Why the CLEVO NH70 is Worth Your Money


If you’re looking for a high-end gaming laptop with a powerful i7-9750H processor, a dedicated graphics card, and portability, the CLEVO NH70 is the machine for you. However, before you buy one, you should consider your needs. In this article, we’ll discuss why this high-end gaming laptop is worth your money. Also, we’ll examine the NH70’s cooling system and BIOS support.

CLEVO NH70 is a high-end gaming laptop

If you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable gaming laptop, the CLEVO NH70 is an excellent choice. This model features an 8-core AMD Ryzen 5 3600-HEXA-CORE processor, a dedicated AMD RADEON HD 6970M GPU, and a 15-inch FHD 144Hz display. As one of the world’s fastest notebooks, it’s a great buy for gamers.

The CLEVO NH70 has an excellent pixel density, but it’s a bit heavier than most competitors. It also has less memory than other top-rated gaming laptops, and at eight GB, it tends to run slower if you’re using memory-intensive applications. Furthermore, the 256GB of storage is not enough for installing multiple modern games, and the battery life is disappointing at 3.5 hours. While gaming performance averages 39.9 frames per second, it’s still an excellent option for power users.

It has an i7-9750H processor

Intel’s Core i7-9750H is a high-end laptop processor with six cores and twelve threads. It uses the Coffee Lake-HR architecture, which is built on a 14nm production node. Its base clock frequency is 2.6 GHz and its Turbo speeds reach up to 4.5 GHz. It has 12MB of L3 cache and integrated graphics from Intel’s UHD 630.

The Intel Core i7-9750H processor is a beast when multi-threaded workloads are involved. While it doesn’t make a lot of sense to upgrade from a 6-Core i7, upgrading to a 9750H can lead to a significant performance boost. The 9750H also offers improved graphics and design, so it may be worth upgrading for those. However, you should check out the processor specifications before making a decision.

It has a dedicated GPU

There are two main types of graphics cards. Dedicated GPUs contain dedicated processors and memory for card processes, while integrated graphics are built into the CPU or motherboard. They share memory and cooling resources, which means they use a combined approach to graphics processing. But if you’re buying a new computer, you should know the difference between the two. Let’s compare the two types and what each offers. You may be surprised to learn that dedicated GPUs are much faster.

The dedicated GPU is used for games, especially those that require high amounts of performance. This type of graphics card is usually more expensive than integrated GPUs, but it can improve game performance. Moreover, dedicated GPUs are usually less prone to problems like overheating. Therefore, if you’re using your computer for gaming, it’s better to install the dedicated GPU. You should also check your display adapters, because a single video card is not enough to play games.

It is portable

CLEVO NH70 is a lightweight, compact laptop with a high-end gaming configuration. It is equipped with an award-winning AMD processor and 512GB of RAM. It comes with a standard heatsink. It can run multiple applications, including video editing and gaming. In addition, it features a built-in fingerprint reader and an integrated webcam. The NH70 is a great option for gaming on the go.

The Clevo NH70’s battery life is decent, but it is not long enough to make long gaming sessions. To maximize battery life, make sure to charge it completely at least once a month and keep it away from moisture, excessive heat, or vibration. Otherwise, you’ll risk destroying your gaming laptop’s components. It is also a good idea to get it maintained by a technician.

It has a matte display

Depending on how much ambient light is in the room, you might want a screen that is glossy or matte. This kind of display reduces glare and diffuses ambient light, while also improving picture quality. Although these two screen types are very similar, they do not produce the same level of quality. Matte screens are better for rooms with bad light control. However, not all matte or glossy screens are created equally. Some have anti-reflective coatings, while others include highly reflective glass as their outermost surface.

The main display of the Asus Chromebook 715 is 15.6 inches and features slim bezels, but it isn’t bright enough for use outdoors. The color gamut is only 45% of NTSC, so it might not be ideal for use in bright sunlight. But the screen itself is quite good, and its matte display prevents glare and gives you a clear view of what you’re seeing.


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