The Jerusalem Post and Other Israeli Newspapers


The Jerusalem Post is the largest English-language daily in Israel. Founded in 1932, it is owned by Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry. The newspaper covers Israeli politics, foreign affairs, business, and international affairs. Its readers include international and Israeli business leaders. The Jerusalem Post is published three times a week, on Sunday and Wednesday. For its English-language edition, subscribe to The Jerusalem Post on Google News. This broadsheet newspaper also provides a variety of other publications.

The Jerusalem Post is Israel’s largest English-language daily

The Jerusalem Post is a broadsheet newspaper published in Jerusalem, Israel. It was founded in 1932 by Gershon Agron, originally known as the Palestine Post. In 1950, the paper changed its name to The Jerusalem Post. In 2004, Mirkaei Tikshoret purchased the newspaper and added an English version to it. The newspaper had previously published a French edition. The newspaper’s online version is protected by a pay-wall. You can read its English-language website online or download the Jpost English iPhone app. The Times of Israel, founded in 2012, is also an English-language news portal in Israel.

It was founded in 1932

Even Yehuda is a rural settlement in central Israel. It is located approximately 4 1/3 miles south of the city of Netanya, and is accessible by road. Even Yehuda was founded in 1932 by the Benei Binyamin movement. This settlement merged with Be’er Gannim, a neighboring community, and also included Hadassim. Until the early 1970s, the primary economic activity in Even Yehuda was citrus orchards.

It is owned by Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry

According to recent revelations, The Jerusalem Post is owned by the Strategic Affairs Ministry of Israel. While the Strategic Affairs Ministry doesn’t receive direct funding from the government, it benefits from favorable public relations. However, the paper’s use of public funds has been hidden from the public. It has been accused of “inciting hatred” toward American politicians and promoting Israeli hasbara groups. This is not the first time that the Strategic Affairs Ministry has been implicated in Israeli politics.

It is a broadsheet newspaper

A broadsheet newspaper is a large-sized print that is typically printed on an A1 or A2 sheet of paper. In some countries, the broadsheet format is referred to as the Berliner format. In the United States, the size of a broadsheet is 15 inches by 23 inches. The word broadsheet is derived from the popular prints sold on the streets, which included a variety of material. In 1618, a Dutch paper published the first broadsheet newspaper, the Courante uytItalien. The Courante was sold only on one side and contained text and images.

It is published daily

The Jerusalem Post is an English language broadsheet newspaper published daily in the Israeli capital. Founded by Gershon Agron in 1932, it was originally known as the Palestine Post. The newspaper was acquired by Mirkaei Tikshoret, an Israeli investment firm, in 2004. In the following year, Mirkaei acquired Maariv, a Jewish daily. Today, the newspaper is published only in English. In the past, it printed French editions.

It has an English-language edition

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