How to Track IP Address Exact Location in UK


There are several ways to track IP address location, but the best way is to get access to your internet service provider’s internal database. While it might sound like a simple way to locate an IP address, it’s far from that. The information that’s gleaned from this database is not always accurate, and some people have misinterpreted this information to commit criminal or unsavory operations. These actions have harmed innocent people.


If you’ve ever wanted to know where your IP address is located, you’ll want to try the GeoBytes IP Locator. It uses the centre of gravity technique to track IP address locations, but this method has some limitations. First, GeoBytes can only trace an IP address back to its ISP. Moreover, it can’t tell you where a person is located if they’re using a proxy.

Another drawback of this free tool is that it cannot pinpoint the location of a person with an IP address. It’s only possible to track a person’s approximate location using a geolocation tool. Despite this, you still need to know how the person uses the internet. An IP address identifies only a part of a country or region, so you’ll have to do some digging to find the real location. Fortunately, the GeoBytes IP Locator API provides a PHP code sample to get started with tracking IP addresses.

Bulk GeoIP locator

If you’re looking to find the geographic location of an IP address, Bulk Geo IP locator is an excellent choice. This free tool allows you to trace IP address location to determine the city or country the IP address is located. It accepts up to 20 IP addresses and exports the results as a CSV file. Its powerful search capabilities will be helpful to any business or individual who wishes to know the location of an IP address.

The service also has an API that can be used to track IP addresses in bulk. Besides city, region, and postal code, IP geolocation tools can also reveal exact latitude and longitude coordinates, Internet service provider, and time zone. The geolocation service will give you the location of an IP address in seconds, so you can start working with your business in no time. Moreover, it will also provide other important information, including a country’s ISO 3166 two-letter code and Internet service provider.


There are many reasons to track an IP address’s location. For example, you might have a hunch that a phishing scammer is using the same IP address as you. Tracking their exact location could help you prevent such scams. In addition to tracking scammers, IP geolocation data is useful for identifying fraudulent activities and preventing spam. TextPort is a pioneer in online texting services. With TextPort, you can easily enter any IP address and get the city, ISP, and even the street address. TextPort requires you to accept cookies in order to do this.

Using a tracking IP address is extremely effective in many ways. You can use the IP address to determine the state, city, and time zone of your computer or mobile device. It can even help you prevent crime by providing content that is appropriate for that area. The location information provided by IP geolocation applications is not perfect, and the accuracy depends on the database that is used. Nonetheless, this feature of the application is extremely useful for businesses and law enforcement agencies.

Google Maps

To track IP address location, you should first know what IP stands for. IP addresses are unique numbers that identify each user of the Internet. Many services exist that can trace IP addresses to their city, service provider, and country. Tracking an IP address can be useful if the IP address belongs to a company or organization. But how can you use the IP address information? Below are some tips and tricks. To find the exact location of an IP address, start by looking up the IP address on Google maps.

To find the location of an IP address, you need to send a request to Google Maps using a POST method. The request will include an array of nearby cell phone towers and WiFi access points. Once the response has been received, the IP address will be triangulated to find the precise location of the device. If the IP address cannot be determined, Google will fall back to the IP address to determine the precise location.

Free geo ip locator

The free geo IP locator is a helpful tool for locating any device connected to the internet. It will identify the country, city, and latitude and longitude. It will also tell you the time zone and connection speed. You can also identify specific items, including the IDD country code, area code, and mobile network codes. You can also use this tool to determine usage, advertising category, and residential proxies.

Free geo IP locator providers provide the same functionality as paid IP locator services, but may be limited in some ways. For example, they might not offer real-time mapping of IP addresses. They might also have bandwidth restrictions. So be sure to check the details before using the free service. But keep in mind that free geo IP locators can give you the information you need for your project. This service is definitely worth trying!


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