How to Book Student Flats in the UK


If you are a student and are planning to study abroad, you might be wondering how to book Student flats in the UK. There are several ways to book your uni accommodation. Some of these ways include paying by debit or credit card. Other options include paying in four equal installments. International students in England and Wales must pay PS250 as an advance rent payment. This amount is deducted from your first installment. However, it is important to note that this amount is not a deposit and is part of the rent total.

Accommodation options for uni students

If you have been offered a place to study at a UK university, you can choose between private accommodation, halls of residence, or your parents’ house. To choose the right accommodation option, ask your friends, family, and relatives, and attend accommodation open days. Research the costs and benefits of each option to make the best choice for you. Once you accept your course offer, you should begin the accommodation application process. It’s important to check university policies and requirements.

While it’s important to choose the right type of accommodation for your budget, there are numerous options available for international students. These options depend on the city, type of course, and amount of monthly income. When registering for university, it’s important to make it clear to admissions staff that you are an international student, as you’ll likely have priority for housing. Start looking for housing as soon as possible, as supply and demand for accommodation tend to exceed available spaces.

If you’re planning to study abroad in the United Kingdom, you may be wondering where to find affordable housing near your university. If you’re thinking of studying in one of the country’s many universities, there’s a good chance you’ll find a place close to campus. Whether you’re in a city or a town, there are housing options in the UK that can meet your needs.

The University of Northampton’s accommodation office, Claire Henshaw, can provide help and advice on your accommodation search. Listed on the university’s website are ‘how to’ guides for students who want to live on campus. Additionally, the university’s website will also advertise dates for applications. Halls are typically large blocks of flats where hundreds of students are housed. Halls usually feature individually furnished rooms in corridors with shared kitchens and bathrooms. En suite rooms are becoming more popular, though you’ll need to ask about them.

In addition to sharing rooms with friends, you can also opt for shared accommodation. These options will lower your rent burden, and they’re great for socializing and enjoying the company of your roommates. PBSAs, or purpose-built student accommodation, are another great option. They’re located near every major university in the UK and offer better living conditions and perks for students. The benefits of PBSAs include higher quality, more convenient services, and fewer noise problems.

Booking platforms available for uni accommodation

There are many booking platforms available for UK student flats, but not all of them cater to all types of universities. One of the most useful is Studentpad. This is a platform where you can search for student housing from any part of the country and compare prices and properties side by side. It’s also best to use this site to find cheaper accommodation near your university because you can deal with the owner directly. You’ll also be able to choose a house based on your budget, as well as your needs.

When it comes to private student flats, there are two main types of accommodation: shared and private. Shared rooms share common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, while private rooms have their own bedroom. Studio flats offer private student homes, including living rooms, study rooms, and a private bathroom. Entire places are ideal for groups or individuals looking to rent a private bedroom and flat. This type of accommodation has all the amenities that a student needs and is located near a university.

A single-click platform can help you find the perfect accommodation in a matter of seconds. AmberStudent offers a variety of options and allows you to search over 150K student flats across the UK and 200+ luxury residences in Australia. In addition to UK student accommodation, the platform also includes countless properties in major academic hubs around the world. Its catalog offers both private studios and shared en-suites. Its free cancellation policy allows you to cancel your reservation without incurring any extra costs. Whether you’re looking for a room in a city or a flat in the country, AmberStudent can help you find the perfect accommodation for your budget and needs.

One of the most important aspects to consider when booking student accommodation is the risk of fraud. The UK’s Action Fraud has issued a warning to students in 2018 stating that student accommodation fraud cost PS22 million in the last four years. By ensuring that students have peace of mind, Housemates has onboarded trusted accommodation providers, takes hold of the holding deposit, and processes transactions through FCA-approved providers.

Costs of renting a university flat

Rent is a big part of anyone’s budget. Getting the best value for money is essential if you are looking for an affordable university flat. Rent in the UK is largely dependent on the private sector, and this is true for Canterbury. In late 2018, the average student rent in the UK was PS6,366. This can add up, particularly if you want to live close to campus. Students at these universities should take all options into consideration and compare prices to get the best deal.

Generally, university students can find cheap off-campus apartment rentals in the 47408 zip code. These are close to campus and are usually cheaper than on-campus apartments. These include all utilities and trash removal, cable television, and internet. However, remember that rent rates are subject to change, and you may not need all of these services every month. It’s a good idea to research these prices before you arrive at your new apartment.

If you’re a student, the cost of living can make up a significant portion of your college budget. Rent varies greatly, depending on the quality of the neighborhood. A prestigious university campus will command higher rent than a low-profile neighborhood. For example, a university in the downtown area will be more expensive than one in the suburbs, but a cheaper alternative will be in the same location but further away.

Other costs include utilities, which many students may not be aware of. Many student flats are off-campus, which means they require a separate utility bill. If you don’t have a car, you will have to pay gas, insurance, and bus fees. In addition, the costs of renting an off-campus flat can be higher than those on-campus. Finally, you may have to buy renters insurance if your university doesn’t provide it.

Alternatives to Unite Students

If you’re looking to save money while booking student flats in the UK, there are alternatives to Unite Students. While Unite Students provides excellent value for money, there are some important things to keep in mind before booking through this student accommodation provider. For one, they charge a weekly rate that includes bills. You’ll also have to pay a hefty 25% surcharge if you want to book two flats in the same building.

You don’t have to pay an advance deposit to secure your booking with Unite Students – you can use your credit card or a debit card to pay in four instalments or everything up front. The only difference between Unite and the alternatives is that you won’t need to be a UK resident to use this service. You can also make arrangements with a guarantor to help you afford your accommodation. However, remember that you’ll have to enter their phone number and email address as well, so you can reach them in an emergency. You can also book extras to the flat, such as linen and towels, which will be delivered to your flat before you move in.

Unite Students is a leading provider of student accommodation in the UK. While they don’t serve every university, they are more secure than private residences. In addition to providing secure and secluded housing, Unite Students properties also include common rooms, car parking, and free WiFi. However, they are also at the higher end of student accommodation. Most Unite Students buildings cost more than PS100 a week. This can be prohibitive for international students.

Another alternative to Unite Students is Studentpad. The website lists thousands of houses throughout the U.K. The website allows you to search for houses by location, price, number of bedrooms, and so on. You can also opt to receive a list of available houses via email. Though the articles on Right Move Student are not as comprehensive as those of Unite Students, you can use the site to find cheaper housing close to your university. Also, you can negotiate directly with the landlord, which will give you more freedom and flexibility when choosing your house.


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