DogsWorld Resort – Reviews


For those of you who are unsure about whether or not DogsWorld is worth the time and money, I’ve compiled some reviews of the game. I’ll look at the game’s story, gameplay, and weapons. And I’ll also give some general advice for the game.


The story of Dogworld is interesting and well-executed. It’s a post-apocalyptic world, in which humans have been trapped underground. They’re ruled by an AI named Daddy, who teaches them the history of the world and protects them. The gameplay is somewhat similar to Metroidvania titles, and the world is filled with strange mutated dog-creatures.

Overall, Dogworld is a good shooter with a fun story and challenging gameplay. The enemies are balanced well between being challenging and satisfying while not frustrating players. The difficulty curve of the game is consistent, which makes it possible to beat bosses on the first try, but without being incredibly frustrated. Bosses in Dogworld aren’t impossible to beat but they have patterns, which make them relatively easy to beat. While this may slow down your progression, it doesn’t discourage you from trying.

The game’s graphics aren’t perfect. The color palette is limited and the game uses a retro 1bit aesthetic. The colors don’t really mesh with the core gameplay. For example, the weapon upgrade applies a red “burning” effect to the enemies. And some of the bosses require players to see the face of their enemies to be able to defeat them.


The first thing to know about Dogworld is that the gameplay is a bit odd. Rather than relying on the classic Metroidvania formula, the game is built around the idea of a bizarre world inhabited by mutated dogs. Thankfully, the setting is intriguing, and the narrative is well-crafted. However, the game’s brevity can sometimes hinder its flow. There’s little time to tie up loose ends, and the game sometimes feels like a thumbnail sketch of a world.

The graphics in Dogworld are somewhat lacking. The game’s graphics have a retro, one-bit style, and the color palette isn’t very vivid. The visuals don’t mesh well with the core gameplay. However, there are a few unique touches – such as a weapon upgrade that applies a red “burning” effect to enemies. In addition, some bosses require you to see their faces to kill them.

As far as the game itself goes, there’s a great variety of activities in DogsWorld 3D. In addition to caring for your pets, you’ll also get to dress them up and take their photos. There are also lots of rewards, such as accessories and toys for your furry friends.


The game is filled with tons of loot, including weapons, and you can easily upgrade your arsenal by spending money or finding better loot. There are also base camp traders, who can sell you weapons so that you can defend your home from attacks and make it a more secure place.

While the gameplay mechanics of the game are straightforward, enemies are extremely difficult to defeat. Some enemy placements feel unfair, and you can lose huge chunks of health very easily. In addition, the enemies are not always easily visible, so you’ll often be in a hurry to get back to safety. This limits the speed of the game, which is frustrating for players who like to play fast and furiously.


Dogworld is a well-written game with an engaging storyline. Characters are likeable and reveal fascinating details about the world around them. The narrative is well-constructed, though the brief length can sometimes be a problem. While there’s little time to wrap up loose ends and make the world more cohesive, it still works as a short introduction to the world.

While some may find the game’s visuals quirky and wacky, I was quite pleased with the core gameplay and the diverse enemies. Although the game lacks more innovative weapons, it displays excellent attention to detail. Overall, DogsWorld Resort – Story is a solid action game.


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