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Is Hihstore a scam? Here are some factors to keep in mind: 1% trust score, duplicate content, no social media presence, and SSL certificate. All of these are signs of a scam. The only way to determine whether Hihstore is a scam is to check the site for yourself. You will find that it has a low trust score, so I would recommend staying away from it. But if you are already a loyal customer, you should read the following reviews to get a clear picture of the scam.

1% trust score

The Hihstore site is a good choice if you are looking for a high-quality jewelry store but is it safe? Trust score is one of the most crucial things to consider when checking a website. This site has a trust score of 1% and is untrustworthy due to the absence of contact information and strategy information. The only contact information provided on the website is an email ID. HTTPS certification is not present, which is an essential security measure to keep consumer information safe.

The Hihstore website is not connected to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, there are no consumer reviews and there is no social media presence. In addition, there is no privacy policy or social media icons on the website. We were also unable to find a phone number or social media icon for this website. Lastly, the website does not have a social media presence, which further contributes to its untrustworthy status.

Hihstore offers a wide variety of products, but there is no comprehensive information about its returns policy. The products are not systematically organized and are scattered across the web. Besides, there is no mention of their return policy, and the website has a fake address and social media icons. The Hihstore trust score is 39.8 percent, which is still below the required level. We also didn’t find information about the owner of Hihstore.

Hihstore is a new online marketplace that sells a wide range of products. While the Hihstore site is not limited to a single country, it does cater to several countries around the world. The Hihstore website is available in several languages, including English, Spanish, and French. However, it is advisable to look for reviews on Hihstore before making your purchase. If the website has good reviews, it is most likely legitimate.

Duplicate content

Did you notice that some of your posts are identical? There are many ways to check for duplicate content on your website. Using a tool such as Google Webmaster Tools can help you determine if your website is affected by duplicate content. It can also tell you if your meta descriptions or title tags are the same. These duplicated pieces of content may hurt your rankings. If you want to learn how to fix the issue yourself, keep reading to discover how to use Google Webmaster Tools to analyze your website.

If you have multiple product pages, it may be due to duplicate content on those pages. Most ecommerce sites use product descriptions provided by manufacturers, which is not unique to your site. Adding your own descriptions to each product page will help make the site unique. However, remember that Google doesn’t like duplicate content. It won’t improve your search engine rankings. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your product pages are unique.

Unlike many other websites, Hihstore uses two versions of each product page. One version has the same name, but contains identical content. Duplicate content can lead to lost revenue and traffic. Hihstore’s duplicate content problem can be caused by a variety of reasons. While human error can lead to duplicate content, a malicious end can result in a duplicated page. Aside from human error, duplicate content can also be caused by bad configuration of web servers. One can have duplicate content on www and non-www web servers.

The second type is known as copied content. When you copy content without authorisation, you are copying and repurposing it without permission. Not only does this violate Google guidelines, but it can also violate copyright infringement laws. Usually, content that’s copied isn’t original unless the original source can be identified. For example, a blog owner will repeat the same bio for each writer across numerous pages.

No social media presence

When we talk about social media presence, we often think about how often you post content and how you engage with your audience. In this example, you have a good social media presence if you regularly attend class, and a poor one if you yawn and sleep while you listen to the lecture. Let’s examine the social media presence of Hihstore to see how it compares to the others.

Despite a 1% trust score, Hihstore’s website has little transparency. There are no reviews or consumer testimonials, and the website only offers a single email address. You won’t be able to see any contact information on the site unless you log in through HTTPS, but the website is still secure because of its HTTPS certification. There are also few other negatives to Hihstore’s social media presence.

While having a social media presence isn’t a requirement for a business, a lack of it is a red flag. People of all ages are active on social media, and having a social media handle can help you reach your customers and collaborators. Not to mention, it can help you promote your brand globally. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see a company with a mediocre social media presence.

You can’t return items at Hihstore. The shipping process is a bit lengthy – it can take three to nine days to receive an order. It doesn’t have a social media presence, so you’re unlikely to see updates and information on this site on a regular basis. Hihstore also doesn’t provide contact details, so you’re unlikely to be able to get in touch with the store’s owner if you have any problems.

SSL certificate

There are a few things to look for when checking a website. First of all, look for the HTTPS certification. HTTPS certification ensures the security of consumer details. Hihstore has HTTPS certification. HTTPS means that the website has been encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. If you don’t see this certification, then you should probably check another site. The same holds true for SSL certificates. Check for the following signs:

No systematic management

No systematic management at Hihstore was an ominous omen. During the Depression, there was little money for food, so the store’s owner was desperate to increase its prices. Fortunately, the recession ended, and the business was able to survive the crisis. Still, there was a problem: the store’s inventory was too high, and no systematic management was in place. While this was an unfortunate omen, it was a necessary one.


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