5 Ways to Track a Phone Location


There are a number of ways to track a phone location. Previously, tracking the location of someone required extensive work and sophisticated software, but nowadays it is a simple process for anyone with a decent piece of software and an understanding of current technology. Nowadays, location-tracking capabilities are built into all modern devices, which makes this option a handy one in many situations. Regardless of whether the person you are tracking has a cell phone or a laptop, there are ways to track their location.


Spyic is a web-based application that lets you track the location of a cell phone, without the owner ever knowing about it. Spyic is used to monitor a cell phone’s location in real time, and works on both Android and iOS devices. Once installed, Spyic allows you to track a cell phone’s location by phone number and can provide you with location updates in real time. It also works with iCloud backups to show you where a phone is in real time. You can log into the web dashboard on any device, including the targets, and you can monitor its location in real time.

To track a cell phone, you will need to name it and then select Android from the setup wizard. This will require the user to turn on the installation of applications from unknown sources and disable the play protect feature. After you’ve completed the setup wizard, you’ll be directed to the control panel dashboard. The Spyic app will sync data from the monitored device and display a list of its supported features. However, keep in mind that it cannot push new data into the Control Panel if the target phone is not connected to the internet.


MSpy is a software application that allows you to monitor a phone and its activities. The software can access nearly all information on the target’s phone, including calls, texts, media, and social media. The program sends all this information to a web-based dashboard. You can view the details of a phone’s activity at any time. Unlike other spying tools, mSpy is undetectable.

To track a phone, all you need to do is log into the mSpy website. Then, simply enter the target’s phone number and click the Start Tracking button. From here, you’ll see a map of the device’s location and information about the phone’s operating system and the apps on it. You can also check out the target’s recent syncing and rooting activities.


XNSPY is a spy app that will allow you to spy on someone’s phone. Its powerful features enable you to keep tabs on a target’s friends and business activity. You’ll be able to sift through important cell phone logs and monitor employee updates on social media. XNSPY has a live demo you can try before you buy.

It works by monitoring the GPS location of the phone. This allows you to get a full history of where the phone was located. You can even view a person’s Wi-Fi history. If the phone was used while connected to a public Wi-Fi network, you’ll be able to see exactly where he was when he made the connection. This way, you’ll know if the phone has been in an area that’s unsafe for you or your children.


With the help of phone tracking software like TrapCall, you can trace unknown numbers. There’s no need to install software on your phone – it works online or through tracking apps. Once you’ve signed up on TrapCall’s website, you can dial a secret code to identify the caller and hang up the phone. Once the call has been recorded, you can access it later by going to the “Record Calls” feature on the software.

While there are plenty of reasons to avoid phone tracking software, some people may wonder how safe it is. There are several reasons to stay anonymous – but privacy is one of them. Many people choose to maintain anonymity for various reasons, including privacy, but TrapCall doesn’t allow them to do so. And even if you have legitimate reasons to remain anonymous, it might not be worth the risk.


The Glympse application for Android can be downloaded from the Android Market, which is similar to Apple’s App Store. Once installed, you can send a location to anyone you choose via SMS or e-mails. To send the location, you must first open the Glympse app, then enter the recipient’s phone number or e-mail address. If the recipient has an active Glympse account, they will be sent an SMS or e-mails that contains the location.

After installing the Glympse application, simply send the text “Glympse” to the person you wish to track. You’ll then receive a map of the person’s current location, as well as a link to a Google Map. While Glympse may be similar to Google Latitude or Loopt, it has a few distinct advantages. Glympse can time itself out automatically after four hours, or you can specify a shorter monitoring window.


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