An impeccable and perfect smile is what a person needs for a flawless personality. However, not all are blessed with that perfect smile and proportioned white teeth. People tend to face some sort of dentistry problems during their lifetime. We are your saviors in such cases. Dr. Gupta Dental clinic provides the best dental clinic in 7th avenue, Gaur City, Noida. Our professional team of dentists has experience of many years in this field and will help you with your dentistry problems. We at, Dr. Gupta Dental Clinic, ensure that ethical standards while at work are met and that there is a professional relationship between the patient and the doctor. Quality services at affordable rates are the main aim behind which we work. The hygienic environment along with clean types of equipment and having a focused approach towards work which we truly ensure. Ours is a one-stop destination for providing various types of dental issues, be it teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, extractions, veneers, filling crowns, root canals, braces, bonding, dentures, etc.

Our Promise:

  1. We at Dr. Gupta Dental Clinic, promise mutual trust and cooperation between a patient and the doctor.
  2. We work honestly, give appropriate advice to our patients, and in no way into deceiving our patients for money.
  3. There is a genuine partnership between patient and doctor and all the history as far as dental issues are concerned is kept between the two and is genuinely taken care of.
  4. Doctors will listen to and understand your concern and problem with full dexterity and perseverance. In no case, there will be a hustle and bustle in finalizing the treatment type.
  5. We ensure that our equipment is clean and sanitized before using them on the patient. Maintaining hygiene and preventing the spreading of diseases is something very important that we follow.
  6. We try to educate our patients which regard to the treatment being given to them. Apart from just doing the procedure, we try to let the patient know the exact problem and the need for a specific treatment. We also try to tell them various options of treatments if available and tell them the pros and cons of all.
  7. Regularly scheduling appointments and giving the patient appropriate rest time is necessary. We ensure that appointments are scheduled according to the patient’s availability also so that there is no hustle and bustle during the procedure.
  8. We keep on updating our tools and types of equipment so that patients can get the best quality treatments. Updated technologies not only save time and money but is also painless sometimes.
  9. We try to communicate with patients in simple and familiar language so that there is no scope for miscommunications and gaps. There always has to be an informed decision about the procedure that a patient is taking.
  10. Multiple payment options are available for the patients, be it Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Phonepay, Paytm, or Cash.

We are hence one of the Best Dental Clinics in 7th avenue, Gaur City, Noida, and provided quality and professional dentistry services to our patients. So book your appointment today, in case of any dentistry problems.


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