Eco-Skills Training in Varanasi


The concept of eco-skills training in Varanasi is not new, but the local environment is still in need of more awareness. In the past, eco-skills training has been largely associated with environmental education, but now it is being applied to the horticultural industry. In fact, the city of Varanasi has become a model for eco-education and is gaining international attention for its innovative approach.

The Ministry of Eco-Skills is a pioneering body that provides training in various fields including natural history, biodiversity, and environmental art. The ministry also offers online courses for individuals who are interested in learning these skills. Among the specialty courses offered at SIET Varanasi are:
‘Skill scrolls’
The B.D. Tripathi Foundation has launched a new project aimed at skilling women in Varanasi. The project aims to empower rural women through the provision of skill development training in four trades. Through this initiative, more than 1,500 rural women will learn trade skills, develop their entrepreneurial abilities, and become self-reliant. For more information on this initiative, visit the website.
Creative writing is an important part of the course, which trains students in the art of solving complex problems. Students have to keep their attention and be able to observe details accurately to solve problems. This course is challenging and requires continuous innovation. Creative writers have to think up with new ideas to create engaging and compelling pieces of writing. The course also provides valuable life experience and professional networking. If you are interested in learning this new craft, enroll in this course today!


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