Cashback With Zilch – Buy Now, Pay Later


The Zilch virtual card is a way to make purchases and pay later. You can apply for a Zilch account on the Zilch website or app, and once approved, you can select a store and place an order. The card will be charged at 25% of the cost of the item up front, and the remaining amount will be deducted every 2 weeks or six weeks. It’s easy and convenient. It works in a similar way to a store loyalty program.

Buy now

Unlike competitors Afterpay, Klarna, and Affirm, Zilch creates a virtual card that customers can use to split a purchase into four interest-free payments over a six-week period. The only difference between Zilch and those competitors is that Zilch works with any Mastercard-linked merchant. So how does the buy now, pay later concept work? Here’s what you need to know.

Zilch is an early adopter in the Buy Now, Pay Later space. As a BNPL provider, it offers a virtual card that enables customers to make purchases at merchant checkouts and convert them instantly into an installment plan. Unlike most credit cards, the company’s patent-pending business model enables its customers to pay over time anywhere they choose. Additionally, unlike many credit cards, Zilch offers zero interest rates, no late fees, and a six-week payment plan.

Pay later

As a new company with a distinct focus on the digital consumer, Zilch is tackling the credit card industry head-on. While the company’s founders originally aimed to empower consumers, they have grown to be much more than that. Their vision is to create a platform that will allow consumers to pay anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. As a result, they offer consumers a range of unique payment options, including cash back and deferred installments.

A key feature of the Zilch virtual card is its zero interest rate. Users pay 25% of their purchases two weeks after the purchase and the balance is repaid over six weeks. All payments are made with 0% interest, which means that the customer never has to worry about paying interest. Although the card comes with some disadvantages, these are not as severe as those of other credit cards. Besides that, consumers can use it anywhere if they can afford to pay it off.


The concept of Cashback with Zilch is not new, but its recent innovations are particularly impressive. The card works as a virtual Mastercard, giving customers the freedom to shop wherever they like with the click of a button. Additionally, customers can earn cashback from future purchases and spread payments over 6 weeks for no interest. Here are some other features that make this card unique. Listed below are some of the benefits of Zilch.

The Zilch virtual card is compatible with most payment methods, including PayPal. You can pay with your Visa or Mastercard, and earn cashback when you use your card online. Additionally, the card has zero fees, including late and overdraft fees. In addition, you can use your cashback as credit for future purchases or as a savings account. To redeem your cashback, simply use the card to pay for purchases and you’ll get 2% back in no time.

Sign up

To use a Zilch virtual card, you must first sign up for one. After you’ve done so, you must provide proof of identity (such as a passport or driver’s license). You can also use a provisional license or identification card. Then, you can start using your virtual card. After you have signed up, you can go to the Zilch website and begin making purchases. Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll be able to see your balance in real time.

You can also use your virtual card at any store that accepts Mastercard. Zilch has partnered with Mastercard to allow UK shoppers to use their card anywhere they accept credit cards. To sign up for a virtual card, simply visit and follow the steps to complete the registration process. You’ll receive your virtual card in no time. Zilch’s founders are serial entrepreneurs, with previous companies listed on the Nasdaq and Forbes’ list of best companies. Their experience has given them a wealth of technological expertise that will help them launch a successful virtual card company.

Returns policy

If you wish to return your Zilch virtual card, you may do so within the time limit provided by the company. You can return the card within 30 days of purchase. Please note that the company is not responsible for any losses caused by incorrect card information. To avoid this problem, please return the card within 30 days of purchase. Please read our full returns policy for more information. We are happy to help! We look forward to hearing from you.

You must follow the retailer’s returns policy when returning products and services. You must follow all applicable laws and regulations when making a return. You will be responsible for return shipping costs. The company does not offer a refund if you use your Zilch virtual card in a fraudulent manner. You can contact Zilch by phone or online. Customers should keep all their receipts and follow the returns policy to avoid any trouble.


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